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Supply Of Health Care Solutions

Through its experienced sales & marketing staff; Agmest Trading Agencies, with the support of its international partners, offers complete solutions for the health care services in the following fields:

Radiology & Image Diagnostics Solutions

Agmest Trading Agencies offers complete solutions in Radiology & Image diagnostics including:

Radiographic supplies, from the mobile x-ray machines to the advanced digital x-ray machines passing through conventional x-ray, surgical C-Arm, R/F table for most advanced applications. As well as the complete range of Radiographic supplies and accessories.

All types of U/S machines including portable U/S, B& W U/S, color Doppler and Cardiac Echo.

  A wide range of computed tomography systems starting from single slice to the last state of the art Aquilion one 640 slice CT with a highly sophisticated software adding to the specialized CT models which come with a large bore 90 cm to be attached with the radiotherapy systems.

  Wide range of MRI systems for various applications.

Cath Lab systems single plane and bi-plane for interventional cardiology application, peripheral intervention, pediatric intervention and neuro intervention.

Operating Room & Surgical Subspecialties Solutions

Agmest Trading Agencies offers complete solutions for the operating theaters including:

The supply of various types of Operating tables, from the hydraulic to mobile electrical tables covering also system tables for all surgeries applications.



The supply of operating room lights covering the halogen, LED and the highest technologies of LED types, with the mobile or ceiling configurations.


The supply of operating room integration & automation using the most up to date technologies.

The supply of different solutions, systems and appliances for endoscopy procedures.

Supply of Electrosurgical generators, defibrillators, suction units, in addition to the supply of surgical tools & OR furniture and many other equipment needed in the OR.


Ophthalmology specialties, for both the diagnostic & therapeutic lines including Laser surgery.



Orthopedic specialties, including Arthroscopies, total joint replacement. And Orthopedic implants and Spinal fixation sets.

Urology specialty, full line of endoscopic equipment from the best manufacturers in the world.
E.N.T. specialty, including E.N.T. diagnostic and treatment solutions in the out-patient clinics and ORs.
Completes Sterilization solutions for Central Sterilization & Supply Department “CSSD” and Theaters Sterilization Unit “TSU” including planning, design, systems capacities selection and distribution. AM supplies the full needed products range for sterilization such as washers/ disinfectors, steam sterilizers, low temperature sterilizers, endoscopic processing systems, trolley and cart washers and all storage shelves needed.

Modular OR Solution

Agmest Trading Agencies provides complete Modular Solution for the Operating Theaters, Clean Corridors, Scrub Sinks, Recovery Areas CCU and ICU starting from the planning ,design , project management & project handling, supplying the materials, installation and after sales services via cooperation with world leading specialists in this filed. The solution includes galvanized steel wall covering, stainless steel with 1.00 mm thickness or full glazing wall covering.
In cooperation with the world pioneer in supplying the modular rooms solution, AM provides the quality, flexibility, modern designs, installation and the optimal hygiene guarantee.

Laboratories and Dental Products
Agmest Trading Agencies is specialized in the supply of main Laboratory and Dental equipment like Spectrophotometers, Biomedical Freezers, HPLC, Centrifuges, Endodontic
Laboratory materials, casting machines, Impression Materials ...and others from prominent manufacturers world wide.

Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation & Artificial limbs Solutions

Agmest Trading Agencies supplies Physiotherapy equipment like Cryotherapy, U/S therapy, and Infrared therapy electrotherapy in addition to rehabilitation systems and artificial limbs components and machines.

interventional appliances
Agmest Trading Agencies offer a complete range of interventional appliances in the fields of cardiology, peripheral, neuro, gastric endoscopy, urology and women heath care.
Hospital Furniture & General Medical Supplies
Agmest Trading Agencies is specialized in providing complete solutions for general hospital supplies including the complete line of diagnostic equipments, examination lights, full range of medical furniture such as patients transfer trolleys, patients’ beds, special beds ,cabinets, nursing carts, crash carts and multipurpose carts, bed head units, examination room furniture in addition to non medical furniture.
Pharmaceutical supplies
Agmest Trading Agencies thru its pharmaceutical sector Supplys and Distributs Pharmaceutical products to more than 1100 drugstores, Hospitals, Scientific Bureaus and Pharmacies and deals with more than 1000 doctors covering the General Surgery, Gynecology, Pediatric, Cardiology, Respiratory, Urology, ENT, Neurology and Spinal Disorders.
with 7 Warehouses in services authorized by IMOH for imported pharmaceutical products.
with Logistics and transportation services network covering all the regions of Iraq